MP3 ringtones for your iPhone

April 2018

For an iPhone user, the choice of ringtone may become a little complicated, especially for the person who is not willing to spend a huge amount of money at the iTunes store. From your existing collection of MP3s, it is possible to select and download your desired tone with the help of the open source software. The loop which you choose must be music. The loop should not be text and the process should not take longer than 30 seconds. This can be done through audio editors, for better syncronisation. The converters help in converting the sample MP3 ringtones to MP4 format. The renamers assist the further conversion to the M4r extension. The MP3 ringtone is now ready to rock your iPhone. Everything is now possible with the revolution in telephony.


Here are some simple tips, applicable to Windows users, to help you use MP3 files as ringtones on your iPhone. /faq/3741-how-to-install-ipod-and-iphone-driver-without-itunes#q=iphone&cur=1&url=%2F

Software needed






Videora iPod Converter


Ant Renamer



  • 1. Make sure that the mp3s are between 20 and 30 seconds long
  • 2. Make sure the loop (sample) runs well. If this is not the case, edit and correct with an editor
    • You can choose to insert silence at the end of your tone
    • Musical rather than spoken ringtones are strongly recommended
  • 3. Once your loop is ready, convert to MP4 format (AAC)
  • 4. Opt for a high bit rate and frequency (44'100 / 32kb) per second to enjoy higher music quality
  • 5. Finally, change the extension MP4 to M4r

How to use Super

  • Note: If you update, it is recommended that you uninstall the current version before installing the latest one
  • Open Super and drag and drop from the explorer or right click on the interface
  • Select « Add Multimedia files » to add your files
  • In the Output configuration:
    • In "Select the Output Container", select Mp4
    • and in "Select The Select Output Audio", select AAC
  • In the video, select "Disable option Video"
  • In the audio, select 44'100 / 32kbps
  • Check the folders in the list (set as default)
  • Finally click on "Encode Active Files"
    • Note: The registration path for Super is set as default under C:\Program Files\eRightSoft\SUPER\OutPut\
    • You can, however, configure by right clicking on "Output Files Saving Management"
  • Close all windows
  • Your new encoded files will have the extension .Mp3.Mp4 i.e filename.Mp3.Mp4
  • Rename the file as filename.M4r
  • You will see the files have the iPhone ringtones icon
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