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Tiny URL - cutting down your URLs


URL shortening is common among Twitter users, who must make an optiomal use of the character limitations for their tweets.

Here's how to make use of Tiny URL service:


  • It allows you to create links that can be used on blogs, forums, social networks, instant messaging software...etc
  • To enjoy all of its features you can create a free account (manage stats, edit/delete URLS, view history..etc).

Creating an account

  • In order to create an account:
  • Click on the Register button
  • Fill in the appropriate information (Username, Password,Email)
  • Read the Terms of Service.
  • Simply click on the "create my account" to finalize your settings
  • The confirmation for the account creation will be sent by mail.
  • In this mail you shall have a link, as such :http://tiny.cc/email-register/your_username/
  • Simply click on it to access your Tiny URL account.
  • Here's what you should have:

Click on the Home tab to start using the service.

Shortening your URLs

  • Copy/paste the URL you want to shorten in the "Tiny your URL field" and click on the "tiny!" button.
  • The shortened link will appear in the "Recent URLs" section
  • Click on the Share URL button to share over social Networks, send it via Email or Bookmark it.

Managing your URLs

To access the stats or manage your shortened URL, click on the "manage" button.

From there you can:
  • Permanently delete a URL.
  • Rename URL.
  • Check the total number of clicks made on a particular URL.
  • Reset the stats for a particular URL.

Other services

Among the popular URL shortener service, we can count in:


Extension for your browsers

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