WoW (World of Warcraft) blocked by firewall

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Your firewall displays a message indicating that connections to the server of WOW have been blocked.


To remedy this, simply open the ports 3724 and 6112 on your firewall.
  • It will work even better if the ports 6881 to 6999 are open.

The following pages describe the configuration of the most popular firewall:

If you have a router, it can also act as firewall. The next page describes the configuration of the commmonly used routers: (Belkin F5D5231, D-Link DI-604, D-Link DI-624, D-Link DI-784, Linksys BEFSR41, Linksys BEFSR41,SMC 7004ABR, Netgear FM114P, Netgear FR114P, Netgear FR114W, Netgear RP114):

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