Picasa - Keyboard shortcuts for MAC

April 2018

Here's a brief summary of the various keyboard shortcuts that can be used on Picasa (for MAC users):


  • Command-A: Select all of the photos in a folder/album
  • Command-D: Deselect photos
  • Control-I: Invert the photo selection
  • fn-left arrow: Select the first photo in your folder/album
  • fn-right arrow: Select the last photo in your folder/album


  • Command-4: Start a slideshow
  • Command-I: View image properties
  • Control-Enter: Locate the photo file in Finder
  • Command-1: View your photos as small thumbnails
  • Command-2: View your photos as large thumbnails


  • Control-Shift-R: Rotate the image counter-clockwise
  • Control-Shift-H: Flip horizontally
  • Control-Shift-V: Flip vertically

More info on the Official Picasa support page
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