Opera - activate private browsing

Opera web browser allows you to have two modes of web browsing, public and private. Sometimes if the webpage has high security data displayed on it, it may be viewed in private browsing mode. In order to activate it, you need Opera 10.50 or above. The contents browsed will not be saved on your computer. You will also be able to view a site in a new tab (for normal viewing). The private browsing option can be carried in both, tab and window. Opera is considered to be one of the fastest browsers in the internet world and it supports Windows operating system. To enable private web browsing go to the File Menu and select a new private window - the same technique may be used in a new tab.

Opera allows you to use a tab in private browsing mode independently from another one (normal browsing mode).

So if you want to have some privacy about the site you are visiting simply:
  • Right click on the Navbar and select "New Private Tab".

  • Click on the "Go to Speed Dial" to start browsing.

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