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[Cheat Codes]Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker


Hello everyone,

I want to know how can i unlock all T-shirts pack in the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker game for PSP?


  • Make sure you have a PlayStation Network account. At the title screen, go to the Network section of the Extras menu and enter the following codes.
    • 2000016032338 Grey T-shirt Snake
    • 2000016032390 T-shirt Peace Walker
    • 2000016032567 Grey T-shirt MSF
    • 2000016032574 Grey T-shirt MSF
    • 2000016032635 Navy blue T-shirt MSF
    • 2000016032680 T-shirt Big Boss
    • 2000016032758 T-shirt Big Boss
    • 2000016035902 Green Snake T-shirt
    • 2000016035933 UNIQLO T-shirt
    • 2000016036022 Grey T-shirt mug
    • 2000016038415 T-Shirt Black Peace Walker
    • 2000016038576 T-shirt united
    • 2000016537833 Red T-shirt Big Boss facing the Che
    • 2000016756791 T-shirt Big Boss face of Che

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