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Hello to everyone,
I want to know if anybody on the forum can help me to get all the cheat codes for Boderlands game for PC.
Thanks for your help!


  • Using a text editor, open the file WillowGame.ini located in the directory \ Borderlands \ WillowGame \ Config \ and change the following data:
  • bDemiGodMode = false --> Set to true to activate the invincibility
  • InventorySlotMax_Misc (#) --> Largest inventory (replace # with a number)
  • WeaponReadyMax (#) --> Carry more weapons (replace # by 2, 3 or 4)
  • bIgnoreFriendlyFire = true --> Set to false to enable friendly fire
  • bIgnoreNPCFriendlyFire = true --> Set to false to enable friendly fire between NPC
  • bBossesRegenHealthOnReset = false --> Set to true to prevent the boss to return to life
  • bResurrectAllPlayersWhenOneDies = false --> Set to true for all players are raised when one of your men dies

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