Easily create a photo gallery on your website

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Minigal Nano can quickly and easily create a photo gallery on your website. It only requires a web hosting service supporting php (no database needed).
Here's how to proceed:

Installing Minigal Nano

  • Download Minigal Nano on the official website: http://www.minigal.dk/minigal-nano.html
  • Unzip and copy the files to your webspace via FTP, for example in a subdirectory (/mygalery).
  • Send your pictures via FTP in the /mygalery/photos directory.
  • That's all! Your photos are published, you can check them online:

You can easily create sub-directories in /mygalery/photos to classify the pictures.

Note that the gallery will be fully available even if the user has disabled JavaScript from his browser.


You can change the look of the gallery or the titles, by modifying the config.php file:
  • Title: Change $title = "My Gallery"
  • Author: Change $author = "Username";
  • Appearance: Change $templatefile = "mano";

The different themes available: mano darkgold2, blackframe, cssdecorative, dropshadow, integrate, lightroom, paperclip, Polaroid test, wooden.

For example, choosing darkgold2:

Other constraints

  • If a folder.jpg image is present in a folder, it will be used as folder icon. Otherwise, the first image file will be used.
  • If a comment.html file is present in a folder, the text will be displayed above the minitatures.


Sample Galleries created with Minigal Nano:

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