How to find the IMEI of an Xperia X10 Mini

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International Mobile Equipment Identity or the IMEI number is an unique fifteen digit number which comes with every mobile handset. An IMEI number is extremely useful when it comes to tracking and blocking the phone in case it is stolen. The Xperia-x10-mini has an IMEI number and it is important for users to know it. The IMEI number can be found in Phone Settings on the Xperia-x10-mini screen. The setting can be accessed from the Home key. From the status of the setting menu, the number can be found. With telephony,the problems related to technology have become very easy to handle.


The IMEI number of the phone is very useful in case of theft, but how can I find the IMEI of my Xperia X10 Mini?


  • To find the IMEI of your Xperia X10 Mini:
    • Press the home key (the centre key)
    • On the screen, click "Settings > About Phone > Status > IMEI"

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