Windows - Auto-completion of commands in the console

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When using Linux a practical feature is to be able to complete a command by typing the first characters and pressing the TAB key to resume the rest. This feature can allow you to save time(Typing lengthy and ambiguous command lines)and avoid making mistakes when entering commands or directory names on the keyboard.

Under Windows, it is possible to activate this feature by editing the registry.

  • Click on Start/Run, then type regedit and press OK to validate.
  • Locate and open the following:
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER/ Software/Microsoft/CommandProcessor 
  • Double click on the CompletionChar key.
  • Change the value of the key to: 9
  • Close the window and restart Windows

Now; you just have to type a path and the beginning of the command, and then press Tab to complete.

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