Disable autorun files REG VBS WSF - Windows 7

April 2018

Disable autorun REG VBS WSF files - Windows 7

  • REG format files, VBS and WSF can run scripts Windows by double clicking on them. However, some malicious scripts that you can receive by mail or find on the Internet you can mess up your computer. To avoid this and avoid inadvertently run such a script, just open them by default with notepad and make a run for further manipulation.
    • To do this, click the right mouse button on a REG file, VBS or WSF.
    • If you do not have such file, create a simple text file and change its extension to REG, WSF VBS then.
    • click Open With and then click Choose Default Program.
    • Select Notepad and click OK.
    • Repeat for other file formats.
    • Now double-click the REG files, VBS and WSF will edit the file in Notepad.
    • To run it, click the right mouse button, click Open With and then click Registry Editor and REG files for Microsoft Windows Based Script Host for files and VBS WSF.
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