Launch the terminal using only one button - Linux Ubuntu 10.04

or quick access to the terminal, you can install a terminal down, like the console found in many FPS games. Tilda by example allows you to view the terminal screen by simply pressing the button ².
  • Click on the menu Applications then Ubuntu archive.
  • In the search box, enter tilda.
  • Click Install next software Tilda.
  • Enter your password and confirm.
  • You can close the repository once installed Tilda.
  • Then click the menu Applicationson Accessories and then on Tilda.
  • At first launch, the setting window is opened Tilda. Tab Keyboard Shortcuts lets you change the key assigned to Tilda. By default, this is the key F1. Click Intercepting keyboard shortcuts and press square. twosuperior is displayed.
  • Rummage in the settings to change the appearance of the terminal, and click Close.
  • Now, a push button square brings up the terminal from the top of the screen.
  • Press again this button to turn it up and hide. To revert to Tilda, click the right mouse button on the terminal and click on Preferences.
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