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Windows will not shut down properly

Your operating system does not want shut down properly? This is probably due to a problem related to the power management (APM: Advanced Power Management).
  • To handle this problem, we must first ensure that the APM is enabled in the BIOS of the computer, and then enable it under Windows:
  • Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager/ View/ Show Hidden Devices
  • Then look for the NT APM/Legacy Interface Node and activate it.
  • Or:
  • Control Panel> Power Options> APM> See that box is checked.
  • Otherwise, you may install the new device with the Windows wizard.

  • Start, Run, type "regedit"
  • Type Ctrl + F
  • Search "PowerDownAfterShutDown"
  • Set its value to 1 and restart the computer.

Note that on some equipment (often the first ATX compatible computers) may experience several issues with the Advanced Power Management (ACPI)

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