Dell - Enabling Stereo Mix with SoundMAX

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People using Dell computers sometimes face an issue where they might find that the Soundmax HD sound card is unable to activate sound mix. To get around this problem the user would need to download audio driver from the official Dell website. After that, one needs to open the ADIHDAUD.inf file in a text file and make some changes at specific lines. After that one must uninstall the old driver and install the modified driver. The user may install the new driver by running setup.exe or via Device Manager to get the Soundmax HD sound card up and running.


There is a recurring issue on the Dell PC with a Soundmax HD sound card, you can't activate stereo mix. Quite annoying when using the recording software such as Audacity.


Changing the audio file

  • Download your audio driver on the Dell Support Site => Here
  • Unzip your driver into a new folder (e.g call it "dell_driver")
  • In the folder search for ADIHDAUD.inf
  • Open the ADIHDAUD.inf file with a text editor (Notepad)
  • Search the following lines:
    • HKR, AD1983 \ \ Désactiver, les activités de sensibilisation, 1, 01
    • HKR, AD1983 \ \ Désactiver, MonR, 1, 01
    • HKR, AD1984 \ \ Désactiver, MonR, 1, 01

Change the value (01) on each of these lines by 00, which gives:

    • HKR, AD1983 \ \ Désactiver, les activités de sensibilisation, 1, 00
    • HKR, AD1983 \ \ Désactiver, MonR, 1, 00
    • HKR, AD1984 \ \ Désactiver, MonR, 1, 00

Changing these values will normally show the stereo mix option of your sound card after installing the driver.

Driver Installation

  • Once "ADIHDAUD.inf" is modified, we must uninstall the old audio driver.
  • Go to device manager (start>run>devmgmt.msc)
  • Select the driver for the"Soundmax" sound card in "Sound, video and game controllers"
  • Right-click on it: "Uninstall", then restart the PC
  • During startup, if it is proposed to install the audio driver (new hardware), click "Cancel".
  • To install the modified driver:
  • First solution:
    • Go to the "dell_driver" folder and run "Setup.exe"
    • Once the driver installation is complete, restart the PC.
  • Second solution (if the first one failed):
    • Go to device manager
    • In "Sound, video and game controllers", a yellow-type "?" or "!" shall be present
    • Right-click and select: "Update Driver".
    • Then select = "No, not this time", then click "Next."
    • Choose "Install from a list" then click "Next."
    • Click "Browse" and select the "ADIHDAUD_inf" file
    • Click "Next" and the driver should be installed.
    • Restart the PC

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