Reconfiguring Speedtouch 530 router modem

April 2018

First method

Ensure that the modem is turned on.
Turn off the modem by pressing the power button until all the lights are off.
Press briefly on the button once more.
Once the PWR flashes (green), press again the power button.
The PWR will stops flashing and then goes green. After 6 seconds, it starts to blink.
Press again on the button and all lights will flash once (green).

The default settings of the SpeedTouch 530 will be restored.

Second Method

Modifying through the interface

Launch Internet Explorer and type in in the address bar to access the interface of the modem.
In the left menu, click on the Advanced category.
Click on the System option.
At the bottom of the page click on Restore Defaults option.
A confirmation screen appears. Confirm with YES and close the interface.

The Power diodes, @ and Ethernet lights will blink (green) and then switched off.

The default settings of the SpeedTouch 530 will be restored.

Once the restore to defaults settings is made, it is necessary to reconfigure the modem/router using the CD-ROM installation.
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