Windows - Error message: Data Execution Prevention


Upon launching a particular program, you are getting the following error message:

"Data Execution Prevention.To protect your computer Windows to shut down this program " 


  • Here's how to fix this problem
    • Right click on the icon for your computer on the desktop. And choose " Property "
    • Then in the new window click "Advanced System Settings "
    • Then, under " Performance "click" Settings "
    • Then choose the tab "DEP data"
    • Check the box "enable the prevention of excutive data .... Except those I select"
    • and click " Add "and then locate your program blocked
    • Then, confirm by clicking "Apply"
    • and close your windows and restart your computer
    • PS: It is possible depending on your configuration you have messages you are requesting permission to perform these tasks answer "yes" to every request
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