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The error message "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME" does not necessarily mean that the hard disk is defective,it may be simply a problem on the sequence of the disc.
  • To fix this problem, insert the Windows XP CD and boot your computer (make sure your computer boots from the CD of Windows XP).
  • When it arrives on the interface giving a choice between "installed entry" and "repair", press "R".
  • If the Recovery Console asks you what version of Windows you want to check, try typing the number 1 and then confirm by clicking the "enter" then if it asks for a password, click on the "enter" without scoring password
    • Then when the console displays
      C: / windows
    • type the following command (beware there is a space before the signs / R / P):
      CHKDSK / R / P
  • Once the scan is complete, enter the following command:
  • Validate by clicking on entry and then type the letter O and confirm.
  • Then type the command "exit"
  • then eject the Windows CD and restart your computer.
  • UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME the error must be resolved

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