Nvidia WDM Video Capture(universal)code 10

Users of an Nvidia graphics card may face problems while installing the capture side of the card. Nvidia Wdm Video Capture (universal) can show an error message which is code 10. In such cases, one must download the Nvidia driver package that is recommended by the Nvidia site. Uninstalling all the Nvidia drivers on the PC is the next step. The Program Files or Windows should not have any record of the graphics card. Next, rebooting the PC is necessary. Once it is done, the downloaded Nvidia package should be installed. One must check in Device Manager to ensure that the hardware is in good shape and code 10 does not occur any more.

This procedure was performed for a NVIDIA GeForce 7600/GS/PCExpress/512MB DDR

Nvidia drivers Uninstallation/Installation pack

  • Download the recommended driver package.

Uninstalling the Nvidia drivers on your PC

  • Uninstall all Nvidia drivers on the start menu and then go to Control Panel and Add/Remove Programs or using Windows and program files, check there is no record for Nvidia. Empty this folder by deleting the files
  • Reboot the PC

Installating downloaded package

  • Start the installation package then select the Nvidia folder in program files as the installation folde.
  • Follow the installation instructions
  • Check in device manager that everything is fine
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