Internet Explorer - Retrieve saved username and password

[Internet Explorer] Retrieve saved username and password

Under Internet Explorer, retrieve your username and password require the use of software. There are many pay programs but here is a free software that lets you have a list of your credentials in plain text and save. This is IE PassView.

This software supports versions 4.0 through 8.0 of Internet Explorer. It requires no installation: just download. Your anti-virus can detect it as a virus ignore it knowing that it can reveal passwords, it is quite normal that your anti-virus reacts.

  • At the end of the download: right-click the downloaded file and choose Open With ... and Compressed Folders. This is the method for Windows, users with software to decompress the archive will have a different method.
  • In the window that opens, click Extract all files.
  • When done, you can delete the downloaded archive as you extract the contents.
  • Double-click the file iepv.exe.
  • The window that opens sites list, user names and passwords thatInternet Explorer was registered to your application (here depicted by "*").
  • Attention! A number of secure sites (protocol: https) prevent browsers to record identifiers (username and password). This, for example, the case for Yahoo login pages (login).
  • To save the ID list in text format, open the menu Edit and choose Select All and then click Save. By default, the file will be placed in the folder you created for IE PassView but you can of course choose another location. Enter a name for your backup and click Save.
  • Caution! If you delete your browsing history in Internet Explorer, IE PassView not be able to recover your login.
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