Updating Foxit Reader

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Foxit Reader is a PDF readeralternative to Adobe Reader. We will see below how to update it to take advantage of security updates and new software.
  • Foxit Reader and open the top right click on Help and then Check for updates now.
  • In the window that opened. Scroll down the left column to Reader updater and select a left-click the update may be present and then click Add. If in the extensions listed above there is a red, select it and click Add.
  • In the right column is the last update. At the very bottom click Install.
  • Wait for downloading the new version. Once the download the update should be applied to itself a few seconds, if this is not the case, close and reopen Foxit Reader then a message should confirm that the update has been installed.
  • If in the meantime, the software language has changed you can reset it by clicking Tools and then Preferences. In the left column, click Language and choose a left-click the file and English click Ok.
  • To check which version you have and if it has been updated in Foxit Reader, click on Tools and then About Foxit Reader.
  • In the bottom left of the window that opened you will be indicate your system version of Foxit Reader.

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