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Fireworks 4 - Edit an animated gif

[Fireworks 4] Edit an animated gif

  • Run Fireworks 4
    • File> open (find this animated gif votredisque drive)
    • Enlarge the work area, then the image has 200%
    • In the "Images" we discover that it consists of three gif images, clocked at 1 sec
  • Increase the size of the image
    • To add the text you want, we must enlarge the original image. > Modify> Document Size
    • Change the height to 50 pixels, and to define the place or be anchored your original image, click on the icon anchor "low middle">>> OK This means that your original image will remain low of your document, and the "zone" is added on top.
    • The three images that make up this gif will all rely on the same size automatically.
  • Insert the text
    • In the "Images" click on an image you crop your text after
    • Tools "text" (16) and click on the image
  • Choose the font, color and size and type your text ............. "Nothing Hear" on two lines>>>> OK
  • Using the tools "Selection" (1) resize your text to fit in your GIF and place the directional arrows with your keyboard, for greater accuracy.
  • We will copy the text and paste it into the other two images Copy> Ctrl + C. .. it will be easier to keep the same text position in the three images.
  • Sign "Images" click on image 2 then Paste> Ctrl + V
  • Sign "Images" click on the image 3 and then Paste> Ctrl + V
  • Reselect the image 2, double click on the text of image2
  • Select Frame 3, double-click on the text of image3
  • Here, the work is finished, test your animation If required, change your images, text ...
  • You must save your creation ............> File> Export Preview/ Format, choose "Gifs"/ >> Export in the file of your choice

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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