PhotoMasque - Digital effect

[PhotoMasque] Digital effect

  • A quick and simple tutorial to show you how to make a digital effect. The module PhotoMasque

can apply and customized patterns, do not hesitate to used it!

A. Creating the pattern

  • 1. File / New (or CTRL + N)

300 x 200, white background
  • Insert the following


Arial, size 18 points, Color Black
  • Image / Crop automatic
  • Image / Outside frame

Width of 5 pixels, white
  • Filter / Stylize / Scanlines

Apply 3 times this filter with a white
  • Save the image as a GIF or BMP

Name the file eg Digital.gif

B. Application of the pattern using PhotoMasque

  • Open the image to be processed

The bottom of the image should preferably be dark
  • Run the filter PhotoMasque
    • Select the mask you just created
    • Use a green
    • RGB Color Mode
    • Opacity 50%
    • Repeat the mask
  • Scan lines

Apply this filter with the black color
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