How to detect hackers DHCP servers on your network.

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How to detect hackers DHCP servers on your network.

Here software very simple and very efficient to detect on your network all DHCP server and pirates DHCP rogue. If there are multiple DHCP server on the same strand network that can generate tons of problems and serious malfunctions. Take the test now to find out...

You can download here
  • This software can be put on a USB stick because it requires no installation. To start the software click the file RogueChecker.exe.
  • Its use is easy too. The first tab displays all the servers DHCP found stranded on your network.

To initiate the detection of DHCP servers pirates, click Detect Rogue Servers.
  • The Configuration tab displays all interfaces on your PC to a DHCP server which will be sought. Additionally you can let the program run in the background and detection program.
  • The server is immediately detected my box, you can see the address of the DHCP server IP(, the next address assigned to a client (, Gateway (, the response time (15ms) response time is very important because in case of duplicate DHCP server, the client will get its lease on the server that will be answered soon.
  • If the DHCP server is official, click the checkbox Valid DHCP Server, it will be saved in a file WellKnownServers.xml and will be recognized as such at a future research.
  • Now do a test with a DHCP server pirate.
  • The server is immediately spotted.

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