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How to get rid of Pop-Up ads

Pop up ads are advertisements for online services and 'pop-up' when a website is opened. Though they are meant for advertising purposes only, some may gather email addresses from the computer system. A user can choose to block pop-up ads if they do not wish to see the advertisements or to protect the system from malwares contained within the pop-ups. Latest versions of the internet browsers such as Internet Explorer have the option to block pop-up ads. If the version of the browser installed does not have this option, there are pop-up blockers that can be downloaded for free. Toolbars such as Google Toolbar and Yahoo Companion Toolbar can also block pop-ups.

Pop-up ads (a.k.a popups) are windows that contain advertisements for various online services and usually show up when some websites are opened. They are meant to attract web traffic but can also collect email addresses for marketing purposes. There are three common pop up types: General browser pop-ups, Adware or Spyware pop-ups and Messenger Service advertisements. Pop-ups can become very irritating if they keep appearing each time you close them. Some users can end up with 10 popup browser windows from opening a single website. These pop-ups can also contain Trojans, worms or Malware that can seriously damage your computer system.

How to block pop-ups

There are ways to block stubborn pop-ups and prevent them from showing up while surfing the web. Some toolbars come with this option and allow you to block general browser pop-ups from appearing. They are free to download on the following links:

Google Toolbar

Download Link: http://toolbar.google.com/T4/index_pack_xp.html

WordIQ Toolbar

Download Link: http://www.brothersoft.com/wordiq-toolbar---free-popup-blocker-23154.html

Yahoo Companion Toolbar

Download Link: http://www.freepopupblockers.net/yahoo-companion.html

Recent Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers also allow you to block pop-ups but for those who do not have the new versions of these browsers, here is a list of pop-up blockers that you can download for free:

Pop-up Stopper

Download Link: http://www.panicware.com/product_psfree.html

PopUp Blocker

Download Link: http://www.synergeticsoft.com/


Download Link: http://www.registry-cleaner.net/pop-up-blocker.htm

Alexa Toolbar

Download Link: http://www.alexa.com/site/download?p=old_link

If you still get pop-ups

If after applying the above solutions, you still get pop-ups, your computer may have been contaminated by a virus. We urge you to post your issue on the Forum in the Virus/Security section where you will receive assistance.

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