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Set your own video as a wallpaper with vWallpaper

Personalized videos can be used as a background in iPhones with the help of applications such as vWallpaper. The vWallpaper application for iPhone, and a SSH connection software such as iFunBox or PhoneDisk will be required to set a video as a wallpaper on your iPhone. The vWallpaper application must be installed on the iPhone. The video file should not be too heavy and can be with or without sound. The chosen video can be downloaded into the iPhone through the SSH application. After the file has been downloaded, vWallpaper can be used to select the video to use as a video screen wallpaper on your iPhone.

Set your own video as a wallpaper with vWallpaper

vWallpaper is an iPhone application that allows you to set videos as the background - below we will take a look at how to use your own videos.

Materials needed

  • A jailbreak iPhone
  • vWallpaper application
  • SSH connection software (iFunBox, PhoneDisk...)

Then follow these steps

  • Create or retrieve a video (not too heavy), with or without sound in MP4.
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer via SSH, then access the files on your iPhone; find the folders "Skrew" and "Videos".
  • In the "Videos" file, drop your MP4 video.
  • Disconnect your iPhone from the computer, then open vWallpaper then "Video Wallpaper". Now "Select video to play": here select the desired video.
  • Reboot your iPhone, and you should have your own video screen.

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