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LockDown Pro Protect your applications with a password!

LockDown Pro Protect your applications with a password!

This tutorial will explain how to install and use the application Cydia LockDown Pro.

  • This tweak will help you if:
    • You lead a double life that should not be disclosed
    • You leave your iPhone to hang almost anywhere
    • you're afraid that someone finds your drawing Android Lock XT and your lock code
    • If you leave your iDevice in the hands of your children, your wife, etc. ...

Clearly if you want to restrict access to certain applications to certain people, then LockDownPro is for you!

Available on the source of BigBoss for $ 1.99 (This tweak can save you more!)


  • Once installed the tweak, you can simply go to Settings, scroll down to the page you will see a new line: "LockDown Pro".
  • During the first launch you will be asked to define a password and a 4-digit password security (in case you forgot your combination of numbers). Needless to say it is not recommended to put 0000 or your date of birth or the 4 digits of your plate number!
  • Each time you access LockDown Pro after the first launch, you need to enter your combination of numbers, you then decide to lock all applications at once by hitting "Lock All Applications", or the reverse tapping "Unlock All Applications"
  • If you want to lock one or more applications in particular, tap "All Applications"and then choose the application you want to lock, type in"Lock"and enter your password for verification.
  • And now, your application is locked! Nobody can access your account Worldwar (In my example).

Enjoy the results

  • You can also add custom passwords for certain applications, go for it in "Other Settings "you will see various options for customizing the lock:
    • - Lock Icon Placement : Prevent the icon to be moved on the SpringBoard
    • - Deletion App Lock : Prevents the removal of the application
    • - Delay Lock: When you enter the lock code for an application, all applications are unlocked until you lock your iPhone.
    • It is also possible to define an alphanumeric password by disabling "Numeric Password"

Tested on iPhone 3Gs IOS 4.0.1 and 4.1


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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