Apply a watercolor effect in Photoshop.

April 2018

[Adobe Photoshop] In this tutorial we will learn how to pass easily from simple pictures to paint watercolors. Easy and quick to make success of the latter does not require knowledge in graphics.
  • Start duplicating the layer background 4 times to press it three times Ctrl + J after selecting your background.
  • Click Show / Hide slap (eyes has side Layers) on Layer 4 and Layer 3.
  • Then select the Calque2 and go to Menu ? Filters ? ? Artistic Cutting and set as below and click Ok.
  • Pass the blend mode to luminosity.
  • Then go to Layer 3, then go to Menu ? Filters ? ? Artistic Dry Brush, and set as below, then drag Ok.
  • Spread the blending mode of Layer 3 in superposition.
  • Now to the Layer 4 go to Menu ? Filter ? Noise ? median value set at 12 pixels.
  • Finally pass the blending mode of Layer 4 in dim light.

Photo before watercolor effect:

Photo after Watercolor effect :
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