I don't know the confirmation code for Facebook

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The internet opens up the world to social networking websites like Facebook. These websites, and Facebook in particular will ask for a confirmation code when someone is trying to reset their Facebook account. This internet confirmation generally comes in the form of an e-mail delivered to the user's email address. There is a chance that the email hasn't made its way to the user's inbox and was redirected to the spam box or junk mail box instead. If the confirmation code email still can't be located, then the user should contact Facebook through the 'contact us' page.

I don't know the confirmation code for Facebook


I don't know the confirmation reset code for Facebook: can you tell me what the confirmation code on Facebook is please? Your help will be very much appreciated!


You will get an email from Facebook, giving you the confirmation code. Check your mail inbox. If you failed to find the email, then check in your spam messages for the confirmation mail from Facebook. If you didn't receive any confirmation mail, then click on the link below and follow the instructions:


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