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Apply a Lomo effect with PhotoShop.

Apply a Lomo effect with PhotoShop.

For several years now, the cameras "cheap" back in fashion. The old "Lomo" and other "Holga" sell like hotcakes, or emerge from closets. While manufacturers are working on development objectives and sensors to get the perfect picture, thousands of amateur and professional photographers looking desperately to imperfect worked. "

  • In this tutorial we will try to restore this very special atmosphere, let's choose our photo.

STEP 1: Brightness / Contrast

  • We'll start by creating a new layer by clicking on Create a new layer fill or adjustment then select Brightness / Contrast.
  • We will slightly increase the contrast of the document (by 20 but it depends on your shot). You can also play on the brightness if necessary.

STEP 2: Hue / Saturation

  • We will repeat the same manipulation but with the menu "Hue / Saturation and increase the parameter "saturation" of +20. Again, for you to assess!
  • At this point the tutorial, your photo should look like this:

STEP 3: Curves

  • This step is the trickiest because it involves finding the right colorimetry. You can play on the RGB values together, but it is better to select each layer separately and play with the curves to find the right shades of color.
  • Rendering devices vintage so varying according to the photographed subject and shooting conditions, there is no set type. It's up to you to give your picture tones sought.
  • In the dropdown menu, select the Red channel, Green or Blue, then modify the curves to find the right setting.
  • Click on Create a new layer fill or adjustment, then curves
  • After the change of the curves looks like my photo

STEP 4: Vignetting

  • Here is the last step in our tutorial. It is essential because it is one of the most striking features of the apparatus Vintage, vignetting!

Vignetting is very simple! it is the darkening of the contours of the picture. This phenomenon occurs when the lens is bad or poorly adapted to the device. It can also occur if you use many filters superimposed a sun visor etc...

  • To do this select the Rectangle Selection tool with the M key on your keyboard. Then specify a feather 60 px about:

  • Then invert the selection, Select -- Invert.
  • Then, create a new layer (Layer -- New -- Layer)
  • and fill it with black
  • It'll just set the blending mode of your layer to vignetting "product" and play on its opacity. (Layers window: switch from normal mode product). You should get a result close to the picture below


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