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Reset a Samsung S5620 Monte

Mobile phones can freeze sometimes, and in such cases resetting is the best option. The Samsung S5620 Monte, can be reset easily. Through the reset option accessible via the Menu button on the Samsung phone, one can effectively reset the profiles of the phone display and light. Reset of the phone settings can be done in a similar manner. Prior to the reset of the chosen item, a password has to be provided. Thus, with the help of telephony S5620 Monte mobile will be operating with its usual functions. As the existing data will get erased in the process, a backup is recommended.

To reset your Samsung Monte:
  • Go to "Menu > Settings"
  • Scroll down to the "Reset settings" option
  • Choose the items you want to reset:
    • Phone profiles
    • Display and light
    • Phone settings
    • Or select all the 3 items
  • Click "Reset"
  • You will be prompted to enter a password
  • Depending on your operator it can be:
    • 00000 or 1234
  • Refer to the Manual

Note: All your data on the memory card will be erased during this operation, so you should backup your contacts, photos and anything else important on your PC.

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