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Samsung Kies - Installation issues with Windows 7-64 bits

It is common to get an error window while trying to install the Kies software made by Samsung on a mobile. There is nothing to worry too much about though, because with the innovations in telephony, the problems can be solved effectively. Firstly, Java has to be downloaded and installed. Then Kies has to be downloaded from the vendor site. Once the update of the program is successfully run the installation procedure is carried out and the Samsung Kies software will work without interruption. This process is supported by Windows 7 64 bit architecture.


I've recently installed the Samsung Kies software from a mini-CD provided with my new mobile.

The installation went smoothly, but upon launching the application, I'm getting an error window.

Closing this window will also close the Kies application.


  • To solve this issue:

Download and install Java
  • Download the Kies program for the Samsung website
  • Install it and run the update.
  • It should work perfectly on Windows 7 64bits (except for a small bug on the desktop shortcut).

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