Set a theme with your city weather

Set a theme with your city weather

More and more themes offer you a weather viewer from the springboard or lockscreen.
The only problem is that the themes are often settled on the city of its creator. Here is a small tutorial for those who do not know how to adapt these themes according to their city.


  • IDevice-Jailbroken
  • Winterboard
  • An integrated theme with weather.
  • IFile or log-in SSH

Find the file type setting and type of weather code

  • Explore your theme or SSH iFile to find the setup file of the theme. This one is named by the creator of the theme, so you'll have to look a bit location of this file in the theme. Its name is most often "settings" or "config" in xml (but it's different on each topic)
  • In these files, there are often other settings such as language, time format, etc ... it's up to you to customize these settings to your tastes.
  • Once you locate the file, open it and find the part about the weather and the associated code
    • Example iFile and the new theme "Heavy Metal HD"for iPhone 4

  • When the original code looks like this:
  • Go to this site:


  • Enter the name of your city in the space provided for this purpose and submit.
  • The code and the name of your city appear below.
  • When the code looks like this:
  • Go to this site:

Yahoo Weather

  • Enter the name of your city and click OK.
  • The code appears in the URL of the page, next to the name of the city.

Edit your settings

  • Once your code in hand, edit the setting file of the theme:
  • Either by SSH (by importing the file on your desktop, editing it with a text editor and replacing the original by yours)

Either directly with iFile

Make a "respring" and now you have the weather to the nearest you.

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