The sqmdata**.sqm and sqmnoopt**.sqm files

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sqmdata**.sqm and sqmnoopt**.sqm files

You may have noticed a significant number of SQM files in your hard disk.
That is :sqmdata**.sqm and sqmnoopt**.sqm (** are two random numbers)

At the root of the hard disk

In the MSN Messenger (Windows XP) folder

C:\Documents and Settings\"your account"\Application Data\Microsoft\MSN Messenger\account number


These files are actually generated by Windows Live Messenger/MSN Messenger.

SQM(Service Quality Monitor) ares files containing data for Microsoft to improve its software. If you want to do some cleaning, you can safely delete these files.

Especially since this kind of files have an annoying tendency to multiply! (See second screenshot)

Please note, there are other files (not the extension. Sqm) at the root of your hard drive. Examples of system files needed to run Windows (don't modify or delete them).

To delete these files
  • Navigate to the root of your hard drive: My Computer> Hard Drive C:\
  • Locate these files
  • Select them one by one, or group, then right click> Delete
  • Repeat the same operation for files in the MSN Messenger folder
  • Empty the recycle bin to permanently delete these files

Note that: CCleaner can clean them all for free.

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