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Set a custom SMS ringtone for iPhone

iPhone 4 users will no longer be limited in SMS ringtone choice. With the revolution in telephony, IOS will make customization of SMS ringtones easy. This new version has to be installed on the iPhone and then, through the Sounds tab which is accessible from the Springboard, a collection of SMS ringtones can be set. Specific SMS ringtones can also be assigned to contacts by simply editing the contact information from the contacts menu. The customized ringtone is now ready to play whenever you receive a text .

From iOS 4.2 , you now have the option to set custom ringtones for SMS messages. In addition to this new feature, Apple has made 15 new ringtones available for the iPhone. Discover how to set a tone for SMS and how to assign ringtone to a contact.

First, make sure you have downloaded and installed the new version of IOS on your iPhone.
Then from the Springboard open the Settings tab and then click the Sounds tab.

A new page opens with a tab titled "SMS" - click it and you'll have access to different tones. Now you just have to choose one and it will become your default SMS ringtone.

To assign a specific ringtone to a contact you have to go to "Contacts". Open the information about a contact, then tap "Edit". You will see a tab called "SMS" - click it and choose the ringtone you want to sound only when that contact texts you.

That's all - the feature we've all been waiting for is finally here!

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