How to use the AirPrint without compatible printer

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Printing documents from the iPhone 4 can be a daunting task because it requires AirPrint compatible printers. Now, however, telephony has made printing possible in iPhone 4 even with printers using Windows' OS. The new version of the IOS 4.2.1 on the Apple phone makes this possible. Firstly, the printer has to be configured in Windows and shared through Print Properties by changing the setting. Then, the AirPrint activator which works under the new IOS has to be downloaded and started. Through this, the Wi-Fi network of the computer has to be brought onto the same network that the iPhone 4 operates on. Now, the iDevice is ready to print the required documents even without AirPrint compatible printers.

How to use the AirPrint without compatible printer

AirPrint activator allows you to print documents from your iPhone (or iPod or iPad Touch) running iOS 4.2.1 without needing an AirPrint compatible printer, using Windows OS.

AirPrint was one of the main new feature when iOS4.2.1 was launched. But do you really want one of those rare AirPrint compatible HP printers? And do you have the Mac that goes with it?

Probably not. Well, here is a solution in the form of a simple Windows application (32bit and 64bit).

Procedure (intermediate / advanced):

  • Make sure that your printer is correctly configured in Windows (print a test page, for example)
  • Share your printer (System Preferences> Print Properties> Sharing)
  • Download the application AirPrint Activator
  • Start the application
  • Click 'Activate AirPrint with WinXXbits' (XX is the version of Windows you have. If you do not know, it is likely to be 32bits)
  • If your computer is on the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can now print documents from your device


  • If that does not work, check your firewall settings and allow AirPrint access to the network
  • For Mac users, Printopia should offer the same features as the application mentioned above

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