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Samsung Monte - Phone to PC connection issue

When Samsung Monte is connected to a PC, it may sometimes fail to be detected by the computer, even if the connection icon is shown on the PC display. This problem may arise due to issues with the settings. From the phone settings option in the Samsung Monte phone, the user has to save the ask on connection option in the PC connection section. In the same settings place, Samsung Kies, Media Player and Mass Storage options are also available. These options enable users to handle photos, videos and music, and it also helps data transfer to the phone. Thus, the innovations in the telephony ensure the Monte never faces any problems when connecting the phone to the PC..


I've connected my Samsung Monte to my PC using the data cable provided with the package. There's a small message telling me that the phone is "Connected" and the battery bar is charging up, but it the device is nowhere to be seen on my computer, neither via Windows Explorer nor via Samsung Kies.


From your phone, go to "Menu > Settings > Phone Settings > PC connections". Four options are available for connection:

  • Samsung Kies
  • Media Player
  • Mass Storage
  • Ask on Connection

Select the "Ask on Connection" option and tap on the "Save button".

From now on, each time you connect your phone to your PC, you will be prompted to choose the connection type.

  • To manage photos, video, playlist select "Samsung Kies"
  • To sync with the music library of Media Player... the answer is obvious
  • To rapidly transfer bulk of information from/to your phone, select "Mass Storage"

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