Make your own fireworks - Photoshop 7

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Make your own fireworks - Photoshop 7

To give a surprising effect of color to your images, you can easily create your own fireworks!

Create a new image on white background in RGB mode and any size.
Add noise through the filter preset in the menu Filter / Noise / Add Noise(my settings are 10% Gaussian) ...

Then go to the menu Image / Adjustments / Threshold, and apply a value close to 220. Switch to negative via the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + I :

Now we'll apply two consecutive filter blower (Filter / esthetic / Souflerie), with options Wind, and leftbefore making a counterclockwise rotation of 90 ° of the image:

Create a new layer via the menu Layer / New / Layer mode superposition. Switch to degraded mode as black and white below, and draw by holding down Shift key on a vertical part of the layer upwards. You get this picture:

Tip: The more the party will be degraded, the bigger the halo of light on the final image will be.

Flatten the image, and apply the filter Distort / Polar Coordinates, with the option Rectangular Fleece. The image is created:

Final touch of color. Go to the menu Image / Adjustments / Variations and choose your favorite color. And here's your fireworks!

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