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Registering on Imikimi

With more and more people joining online communities every day, many of us will have come across Imikimi. Imikimi is basically an online community which allows its users to share and upload their artistic creations, which are also known as Kimis. Users can upload their photos and perform montages thanks to templates and examples uploaded by the community. Individuals willing to register on this site will have to fill in a form. Once registered the user will need to download a program which will enable him/her to upload photos etc.

Imikimi is an online community that allows members to share and reuse their artistic creations (Kimis).
  • Imikimi allows you to upload your photos to make montages using models created by other members. For example:
  • The only requirement is to register to the service and download a plugin.

To sign up:
  • Go to this link:Imikimi.com
  • Click on the Sign-up button located in the upper right of the page.
  • Fill in the following fields:

Username: The username that will be displayed on the website.
Email Address: Your email address
Password: your password
Check "I agree to ...accept the terms of use". Then click Create Account

Once your account is created, you'll be automatically logged in to your Imikimi space:
  • To upload your photos and start making montages, you must first download and install a small program on your PC.

Click on this link

From now on you can upload your photos and making montages with them. To make collages with Imikimi, check this FAQ.

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