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Imikimi is a creative forum. Making a photo collage on Imikimi is great fun and it is very easy too. One can start making the photo collage by becoming a member. After logging in, photos can be uploaded from the hard disk of the computer once the kimis (the chosen category) is selected from the browse section of the page. Through the Add Text button, the text can be inserted in the photo. The color and the position of the text can also be selected through the color palette and the Stretch Object option. After saving, the photo collage will get published on the page. Through the My Kimis button, viewing is possible. One can also download the creation to the hard drive from the page.

To make collages in Imikimi, the first thing you have to do is to join Imikimi and download a small plug-in by going to

Then, follow these steps:

Selecting a template

  • Once you're loged in, click the "Browse" button in the upper left corner of the screen
  • Select the "kimis" you like from the categories offered
  • Click on "Click to add photo" and select a photo on your hard drive
  • Once the photo is inserted into the template, drag the edges of the picture box to make it fit

Add text and formatting

  • To add text click "Add Text"
  • A field appears for entering text. In "Text Properties" you have several options for text formatting, such as size and fonts
  • Once you have entered the text click on "Stretch Object" to position the text box.

  • Highlight the text and use the color palette to change the color

Saving the photomontage

  • Finally, to save your creation, click on "Save" in the top left corner and it will be published in Imikimi automatically:

  • Note: To view your photo montages (kimis) at any time, click on the "My Kimis" button at the top left of the page
  • To download to your hard drive, click "Download" link under your kimi


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