Excel - The AutoFill feature

The AutoFill feature allows you to fill up ranges (selection of cells) with the days of the week, months,....

Auto-fill the days of the week

  • Enter the starting day into a cell (e.g Monday in A1)
  • Move the cursor at the tip of lower right corner of the cell until the latter change to a thin black + cursor (copy/fill)
  • Left click hold and drag the cursor along the range of cells you wish to autofill and finally release the mouse button.

  • Now all the cells have been consecutively filled with the days of the week.
  • You'll notice a small icon, namely the "Autofill options" at the end of the selection.
  • It allows you to perform various operations on the range of modified cells; you can for example auto fill only the weekdays.
  • To do so, simply click on the icon

  • And select the appropriate option (the modifications are automatically performed).

Auto-fill the months

The same principle applies when working with months, simply enter your starting month, click, hold and drag along the selected range of cells.

Auto-fill dates

Same as above it enough for you to enter the starting date click, hold and drag along the selected range of cells.
Note that: It is important that you enter the date in the format accepted/used by Excel... (DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY)
The image below illustrates what may happen, if the date format is not correctly entered.
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