Flickr: Marketing tips

Originally designed for the general public, Flickr now offers many opportunities for creative professionals seeking to improve their visibility on the Internet. Thought the platform is not intended to be a commercial space as such, it has several tools to help businesses and individuals to showcase their products and services. Gaining the interest of potential partners and prospects. How to perform marketing Flickr? How to get the best? A few simple tips to get started in the "Flickr marketing".

Flickr: what use for marketing professionals?

Flickr is a photo and video sharing website that aims to enhance visual creations of good quality. Many categories of professionals can use the platform as part of their marketing strategy providef that they follow the strict publication charter: photos must be original, artistic and creative to attract the attention of the Flickr community.

Note that extensive use Flickr requires opening a business account, in particular to benefit from an unlimited storage space. See also: how to sign-in on Flickr?
The platform is best suited to:

- Professional/Freelance Photographers : to create portfolios, improve the visibility of your creations, meet other professionals, and eventually sell the photos via the image bank "Getty Images" which is a partner of Flickr.
- More creative professions: artists, graphic designers, illustrators, designers and craftsmen.
- E-shops: to develop products that are of visual interest (
- Travel Professionals
- Real Estate Professionals

A few guidelines for success

The publication of photos for advertising is in violation with the rules for using the Flickr service. In addition, a commercial display is too "obvious" would have a negative to the user community. Professionals must therefore use the service in a subtle way. The goal is to gain exposure "indirectly" via the submission of their photos / videos.

Flickr: what are the uses?

Several applications:

- Generating traffic to a website / blog / e-shop
- Recruitment of prospects / customers (eg art galleries, specialty websites, e-buyers for the products that are clearly highlighted)
- Prospecting B2B (between creative professionals)
- In some cases, selling photos via the image banks affiliated with Flickr (Getty Images)

Creating your Flickr profile

Being clearly identified and visible on the platform is a crucial aspect .

Several tips:

- Create a nickname that will reflect your profession/business (eg domain name of your website)
- Fill your profile completely Flickr: Describe your business, add your website.
- Enjoy the formatting tool available in the "description" section: it allows you to add videos, photos, and especially links. You can point to your other corporate accounts: Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook Fan Page
- Make sure your photos are open for search on Flickr: this option is enabled by default.
- Configure the display: to determine in which mode your galleries shall be accessed (public, restricted, etc.)..

See also: Protecting your photos on Flickr

Use the "Expo" feature

It allows you to combine up to public 18 photos or videos in the form of "favorites." This is an opportunity to state your preferences, to salute the work of other members, and therefore simply a form of social recommendation (attract the attention of the Flickr community).

Crediting your photos, manage their licenses.

Remember to credit your pictures, if possible with an overlay image (e.g website). It is an easy and useful trick to generate traffic to your website / blog.

Many Flickr users place their works under Creative Commons. Assigning a license to your creations will determine what users are allowed or not with your creations. There are 6 types of licenses.

Use tags and description fields

This is a crucial step which will allow your photos/creations to be referenced on Flickr and also on search engines. The description should reflect as closely as possible the content of the image. If the illustration contained a product you sell, do not link the description to some explicit special offers.

The choice of tags or keywords is especially important: it allows the community to find more rapidly Flickr photos based on their interests. You can assign up to 75 tags to each photo or video.

Create a list of invitations by email

Flickr allows you to send up to 100 grouped invitations to its contacts to view an online album.
A simple but effective way to attract the attention of partners/prospects ( present in your address book).

Embed photo galleries from Flickr on a site / blog

Your Flickr galleries/photo albums can be exported to your website / blog. Multiple CMS offers several plugins to integrate Flickr site: including Wordpress, which even offers extensions allowing for example to create slideshows.

You can also integrate a Flickr button on the home page of your blog/site, a simple way to improve the visibility of your photo albums.
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