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Becoming a MotionMaker on Dailymotion

MotionMaker is the term that determines the category of creative user, with no limit on upload (no time or size limits). He will also have many of his videos highlighted on the homepage and in different areas of Dailymotion.

The MotionMakers can send their videos as Creative Content. Their videos are available to the editorial team of Dailymotion, which can then decide to display it as star video on the homepage of the site.

As result you may exercise your creativity and have the chance to be highlighted on the Dailymotion editorial space, giving you with this status, unlimited upload, either in terms of file size or length video.

You can open a normal account and also opt for other status provided by Dailymotion:
  • Filmmakerr: If you write, shoot and edit your own films and videos, choose this status.
  • Musician: If you are a musician or represent a band.
  • Comedian: if you're comfortable on stage, on screen or in front of a webcam.
  • Reporter: If you cover, discuss or analyze the news (politics, culture, technology ...)
  • Extreme: if you create videos on extreme sports

Excerpted from "Tout sur le web 2.0» (Capucine Cousin, Collection CommentCaMarche.net, Dunod, 2008)


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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