Solution for error 1015 after jailbreak 4.2.1 iOS

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The 1015 iTunes restore error is a common error faced by many iPhone users. There is a particular solution for the 1015 error after the 4.2.1 iOS enabled phone has been jailbroken. This error is not related to telephony software and is mostly encountered when restoring iTunes on the iPhone. It is quite simple to fix the 1015 error on a jailbroken iPhone. The solution for the error is straight-forward and it requires an update to the Hosts file. Administration rights or super-user privileges may be required to make changes to the Hosts file. Changes to the Hosts file can be made through a Windows PC or a Mac.

Solution for error 1015 after jailbreak 4.2.1 iOS

Error 1015 is a common error for users who have jailbroken their iPhone running iOS 4.2.1. This tutorial will show you how to fix it.
  • When you get a message telling you about the problem, click "OK" and close iTunes

On your iPhone, you will see the image of a USB cable connecting to iTunes:

Steps to avoid error 3194:

  • From the Start menu, locate Notepad, right click and select "Run as administrator"
  • Enter your administrator password
  • In Notepad, click "File > Open" and navigate to the folder C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc and select the Hosts file
    • If Notepad can not find your Hosts file, select "All Files" instead of "Files text (*. txt)"
  • In the Hosts file, add "" at the end (if you already have an online delete it), save the file, and exit Notepad

Mac OS X:
  • Launch Terminal, input the following command and press Enter: "sudo / Applications / / Contents / MacOS / TextEdit / etc / hosts"
  • Enter your administrator password if prompted.

  • The TextEdit application will open the Hosts file. In the Hosts file, add "" at the end (if you already have an online, delete it), save the file and quit TextEdit

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