Firefox - ColorfulTabs : Color up your Tabs

Things can get messy when browsing mutiple tabs! After opening a dozen of tabs in your Firefox browser, it may be difficult even for the most experienced user to manage them. Here's a simple tip that can help:

Why not adding some colors to your tabs?

Install the ColorfulTabs extension

  • Open Firefox.
  • Go to this page:
  • Click on the "Add to Firefox button"
  • In the confirmation dialog that opens click on "Install now"
  • Installation progress will be shown in the Add-on dialog, upon completion click on the "Restart Firefox" button.

First use

Once the extension is installed, each time you open a tab, it will be in a different color:

Changing the color of your tabs

  • To change the color assigned to an opened tab (randomly):
    • Right click on it >"ColorfulTabs" > Re-Color
    • or use the Alt+Shift+R
  • Choosing the color manually:
  • Right click a tab >"ColorfulTabs" > Tab color


    • This shall open a small dialog where you shall be able to define the color of your tabs.

Validate with the Ok button.

Define Custom color to a specific website

If you want to permanently assign a custom color to a specific website/domain (e.g, here's how.
  • Right click on the Tab-bar >"ColorfulTabs" > option
  • In the Colorful Tabs option dialog go to the "Preset" tab
  • Click on the Add domain button

Simply define the color for the domain name and validate with the OK button

Add a Custom background to your tabs

You can also make use of a image (located on your hard disk or online resource) as background for your tabs.
  • Right click on the Tab-bar >"ColorfulTabs" > option
  • In the Colorful Tabs option dialog go to the "General" tab
  • Check the box next to "Enable backgroung image for tabs"
    • Click on Browse to select an image located on your hard drive
    • Click on the "Get background images" links to search on online resources..
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