Where to get my Excel 2007 serial number?

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Microsoft Excel is an excellent application provided with Microsoft Office, a commercial office software. The Microsoft Excel office software allows data from various spreadsheets to be linked into a single spreadsheet to summarise data from numerous sources. Excel is provided with a serial number which is a unique number assigned for its identification. Serial numbers are imperative for quality control. If a defect/fault is observed during the development of the application, the serial number can recognize the units that are affected. To get your Excel serial number, open the Excel application. Click on the Office button and select Excel options. Click on About button in Resources tab. This will display the Serial number or Product ID of Microsoft Excel.
Where can I find the Excel serial Number (Microsoft Technical support is requesting it)?
  • Click the Office button> Excel Options> Resources tab
  • Click on the About button in the "About Microsoft Office Excel 2007" Section.
  • The product ID code is displayed in th edialog box that will open.
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