Hide my friends in the new facebook?

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Hide my friends in the new facebook?



I notice that when someone looks me in Facebook they can see the pages that I'm a fan and my friends. I cannot hide this information; Facebook has changed everything so confidential. We can no longer simply uncheck "Buddy List" as before.
How? Thank you!


Hello, I too had the same problem as you, to hide my friends unknown to Facebook .
That's how you do it with the new Facebook to hide friends and strangers who are not in your friends:

1 - Go to your profile.
2 - Look where there are your friends.
3 - You will see the above "View" (where there are your friends) there is a small pencil
4 - Click on the pencil, and uncheck "Show my list of friends everyone
5 - Now, only you and your friends, your friends will see


Solved by Corsica2b

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