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Call of Duty Black Ops PC: Unlimited Ammo cheats

The option of using ammos while playing Call of Duty Black Ops PC adds a lot to the game. The player is initially furbished with a limited range of ammo cheats. However, it is possible for a solo player to get extra ammos, to give him that necessary edge. A zombie player, for instance, can tweak the configuration to obtain extra ammos. These changes need to be carried out prior to launching the video game. To be able to earn unlimited ammos, you need to save the configuration file alterations before relaunching the game. At the start of the video game you need to choose Zombie Mode. Once the reset configuration has been saved in PC, you can just 'shoot' your way to the Call of Duty.

Most players want unlimited ammo on Call of Duty Black Ops while playing. Call of Duty, one of the most popular video games at the moment, provides a limited amount of ammunition to its players. It is, however, possible to obtain unlimited ammo for a single player. A slight change in the configurations enables a Black Ops Zombie player unlimited ammo. Changes have to be made in the configuration files before launching the game. To have unlimited ammo on Call of Duty Black Ops, changes to the configuration file need to be saved.

To get unlimited ammo on single player mode in Black Ops Zombies:
  • Go to your last saved game
  • Click on "Steam Applications", then click on "Call of Duty Black Ops", then click on the players
  • Click on "Configuration" and open the file with Notepad
  • Go to "bind w" to erase the text where "w" is marked "sf_use_ignore ammo a"
  • Save the changes, close, and launch the game
  • Click on the zombie mode and when the game starts press "W". Enjoy!

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