Access: Filter a date

April 2018

Access: Filter a date


I like to make a query (Access 2007) that can extract the month from a date.
Here's the background:

I have a table RENDEZVOUS, which contains several fields including the one that interests us: Date (dd / mm / yyyy)

I would like to create an application that allows me to extract the month of all dates, according to a filter.

For example, I want all Appointments that are in the month of May.

I hope my explanation is not too confusing ...
I found a lot of similar requests by searching on the net, but none matched ...

Thank you in advance for your help.


In Access 2007 you can either use the SQL for your query by clicking the dropdown in the upper left (under the 'View') then 'SQL mode'.

If you do not want to go through the SQL in your application you created a field containing:
Month (mon_champ_date)
and criteria you enter the number of months you want.

If the number of months must be selected on a form, for example, you can put in the criteria field:
Forms! [Mon_formulaire]! [Name_du_champ_contenant_le_mois_choisi]


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