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Access: AutoComplete a field

I am a novice in Access, I use the 2007 version.

I am creating a database for my company, which contains several tables, including one that interests us: CUSTOMER
It contains several fields, including classic name and first name for example.
It will be filled by the user, with the intermediation of a form.

I would hope that when the user types the first letter for example the name, or the 3 1st, the name of the client starts automatically in the box (of course if it already exists in the table)

How to do this please, I searched in vain on the net, apparently it is not possible with Access 2007!?
If you use a combo, you get the function you want using this syntax event, called on focus.

Private Sub <field> _GotFocus ()

If IsNull (Me! <field>) Then
Me! [<field>]. Dropdown
End If

End Sub

This syntax filter dynamically typed characters in the "field" that collects the desired record via the dropdown list. This device does
no slowdown.

I would add that it works in Access 2000 at home. So to test
in 2007.
Solved by Jean_Jacques


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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