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Compare 2 tables in access


I'm new to this forum and novice Access / SQL.

Let me explain my problem I have a database with 2 tables as follows:

Table1 Table2
Field1 Field1
registration1 registration1
Record2 Record2
enregistrement3 enregistrement3

The Field1 of Table1 contains a list and the product of Table2 Field1 contains a random list of keywords.

I would like (in Access) created a query so that it selects me and I see all the records of field1 (Table1) that contain a keyword of field1 (Table2).


Table1 / Field1 contains "CremeSolaire", and table 2 / Field1 contains "Sun".

I therefore hope that Cremesolaire that contains "Sun" is selected and displayed in a report or a new table.

Help me please, I can not stop trying I fart a lead.


The easiest is to put ourselves in the basic pro download ...

Well, your query should include two tables, the "wild", since there is no join on a unique key. Therefore, I advise you to place the search field indexed (with or without duplication, for you to see).

You created a query, and you glue it in adapting SQL:

SELECT Table1.Champ1
FROM Table1, Table2
WHERE InStr (Table1.Champ1, Table2.Champ1)


Solved by Pseudosaure

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